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Linshare is an Open Source secure file sharing application intended to cover your business security and file transfer needs. If confidentiality and traceability are paramount for your business file transfers, then LinShare is your solution and better yet it's free ! We also offer high quality support services provided by our IT teams to suit your network at best.

File sharing

Collaborate and transfer very big files (more than 100Gb), easily and efficiently, between your co-workers, clients and external partners.

Data control

Being a self-hosted application, LinShare enables you to maintain complete control over your data and ensure the protection and confidentiality of your file exchanges.

Activity logs

In LinShare every actions and all user activity is recorded within the plateform, enabling you to visualise the event thread that occured on any file (sharing date, download date ,file deletion...).

Security & Encryption

Trusted by finance minsiters and public authorities, LinShare provides a high level of security, using data encryption, password protected links, and more.


Asynchronous share

No need to wait for your files to upload anymore, share your files asynchronously and manage them using the upload queue.

Email sharing plugin

Unlimited attachment sizes within your email client. Sharing big files has never been easier !


Share files among your teams, save contact lists, create deposits to allow your external contacts to upload files, and more.

Modern design

Designed with your needs in mind, we offer an intuitive user experience across any device. Share easily, efficiently, with confidence.

Data control

Manage your users' data, with fully customizable settings to control your business network on your own terms.

Secured uploads

Secure your file exchanges using password protected links, password protected files and an anti-virus filter / and anti-virus filters.

Activity logs

Logging, auditing, time-stamping, track any user activity and get notified immediately.

Amazing support

Our IT teams will take good care of you! With more than a hundred professionals at your disposal!

We've got what you need!

Powered by Linagora and an active open source community, LinShare keeps improving to better suit your needs. Open source, cross device, secure file transfer, universal file access, why wait any longer, give it a try !
Download Linshare and check out the help guides.

Download(4.1.0) Vagrant version Docker version More downloads

Join the community

LinShare is your open source project, feel free to study the source files, share, request a feature, improve and contribute as you see fit!
Get involved by joining the LinShare community on github and meet fantastic active members, eager to get your insights!

LinShare on Github

Try the online demo

In order to test the demo you'll need to use the following credentials :

  • Mail:
  • Password: password1

And share with either :

  • internal users, using the following emails: up to
  • or external users, using: and

In order to view the email notifications sent by LinShare, log into the webmail server with either your sender or recipients credentials.
For instance :

  • Mail: and password: password2
  • Mail: and password: password2

If need be, you may find further information on github.

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Part of Linagora, the leading open source company in France, Linshare is used and trusted by businesses accross the world.

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