Open Source secure files sharing

LinShare - Secure files sharing application



Open Source secure files sharing application, LinShare is an easy solution to make dematerialized exchanges. For businesses which want confidentiality, and traceability for their file exchanges. LinShare is a libre and free, ergonomic and intuitive software, for transferring large files.


  • File upload into its own personal space,
  • File share to internal, external, or guest persons,
  • Manage the shares and collaborative exchange space,
  • Secure the exchanges (authentication, time-stamping, signature, confidentiality, and anti-virus filter),
  • Traceability of the exchanges (shares, and downloads),
  • History and reporting of the events and actions,
  • Integration and communication with external applications (API, Thunderbird, OBM),
  • Use and configuration with multi-domain.


  • Technology: Java JEE (Java 7),
  • Directories: LDAP, Active Directory,
  • Data bases: PostgreSQL, MySQL,
  • Operating systems: GNU/Linux,
  • Servers: Tomcat, Jetty.
  • Browers: Internet Explorer (9,10,11), Firefox (17 ESR and above), Chrome (latest).